Holidays in Deventer

Did you know you can also holiday in the centre of Deventer?

Hotel de Vischpoorte in Deventer is the ideal place for this. We offer accommodation for the whole family. We can also accommodate other groups and you can stay with us for short as well as longer holidays.

Why Hotel de Vischpoorte?

  • You can come to us for a holiday home.
  • And also for a fully furnished flat.
  • The hotel is located in Deventer’s oldest district, the Noorderberg Quarter.
  • We are family-friendly and children are welcome.
  • Free wifi.
  • You can book breakfast and a parking space with it.

Why Deventer?

  • Deventer is one of the most beautiful Hanseatic cities in the Netherlands.
  • Deventer is located in beautiful surroundings
  • There are beautiful cycling and walking routes in and around Deventer.
  • You can enjoy shopping there with super cute shops.
  • All entertainment venues are within walking distance.
  • There is a swimming pool and spa nearby.

St Matthew Passion, Bergkerk Deventer

Every year, the Bergkerk in Deventer hosts the Matthäus Passion. The much-vaunted cross arrangement is not just a theoretical idea, but makes for a completely different experience. We often hear from visitors that it is precisely the cross arrangement that makes the performance so special.

For more information on the St Matthew Passion, visit

Bergkwartier Deventer and Dickens Festival in Deventer

With its picturesque appearance, the Berg Quarter attracts tourists to the city and hosts the annual Dickens Festival here in December. Here you will also come across the medieval Sint Nicolaas or Bergkerk and the large Synagogue, among others. Walstraat is now home to shops with specialist offerings. More than 900 extras take part and it is the largest Dickens Festival in the Netherlands.

Deventer op Stelten

This fest takes place the first half of July and performances can be seen all over the city. The monumental city centre gives the performances something magical, something surreal. Very spectacular and great for families.

Book market

Deventer Book Market is the largest in Europe with 900 stalls along the river IJssel and in the city centre. As many as 6 km of books, books and more books. And every year a very valuable book is also found that will win the top prize at Kunst en Kitsch. So for a bookworm this is walhalla and for a collector utopia. Look here for more information. The offer ranges from children’s books to poetry, literature to comics and books on sports to history. In 2014, the Deventer Book Market received the Boudewijn Büch Prize, because for more than 25 years it has interested a wide audience in antiquarian and second-hand books.