Activities in and around Deventer

Listed below is a selection of fun outings, events and more entertainment.
All in the vicinity of Deventer.

Outdoor exhibition from 18 June to 19 September.

Art gauges climate change in the IJssel Valley

The IJsselbiennale is an event about the relationship between man and landscape. Both the cause and the theme are the impact of climate change on our landscape: a subject that is as urgent as it is relevant and that confronts society with major dilemmas and discussions. We can only cope with this problem if we are prepared for a fundamental change of attitude. This requires a different way of looking at ourselves and our environment. It is in this area that art in particular can contribute.

You can stay overnight at Hotel de Vischpoorte

IJsselbiënnale Deventer

E-Chopper rental

E-Chopper Deventer offers exciting and sustainable corporate events ranging from half-day or full-day excursions. Each activity is put together by us in the region. We can help organise company outings for team building, corporate events or family outings. Our tours combine beautiful landscapes with complementary activity to build stronger teams, push boundaries and inspire change.

More information about renting an e-chopper?

FietStoer Deventer

The most fun way to get to know Deventer!

Cycling, you will experience all the highlights of the beautiful city on the river IJssel. Our cycling guide will tell you the secrets of this beautiful Hanseatic city. Discover the Waag and the Lebuinuskerk. See the influence of Vikings and Napoleon. Hear about trade history, book writers and Hollywood stars.

With friends and family or as a company outing, enjoy this active, educational and relaxing day out. More information and photos:

Het Deventerstadsstrand

From 5 April 2019, Deventer on the west side of the IJssel will have a fine new place for eating, drinking and outdoor recreation at the new hank of the Bolwerksplas.

Deventer’s city beach is outdoors, surprising with a lot of attention to nature, a conscious life where sustainability will play an important role. The whole concept is temporary, mobile and demountable, and the catering area will be built from modular units as the main building blocks.

The idea was launched via social media in August 2015 and since then the Deventer City Beach Foundation has been in talks with Deventer municipality, Rijkswaterstaat, Waterschap Vallei & Veluwe and Provincie Overijssel, among others, on the feasibility of the plan. They are supported in this by several companies from Deventer.

After three years of pioneering, networking and feasibility research, the necessary permits were issued in April 2018. Since then, they have focused on making Deventer’s cutest idea a reality.

The base of the urban beach consists of five sea containers as the main building blocks. The units will house simple but tasty cooking, prepare drinks and sell ice creams. Toilet facilities, storage and refrigeration will also be realised, for example. Covered seating will also be provided (both indoors and outdoors).

The Deventer City Beach will be open annually from April to October.

Thermen Bussloo

A 20-minute drive from the hotel is Thermen Bussloo. A very popular and busy Sauna complex.

It has many saunas, rest rooms, baths, soaking weekends and a Hamam. Now it also has a saltwater pool.

Ideal for combining the sauna with Deventer’s cosy city centre.


Salland is a region of land in the west of the Dutch province of Overijssel. Deventer is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Deventer is the capital of Salland. If you click on Salland in the first sentence, you can see a very nice movie about the cities and landscapes belonging to Salland.

Walking routes around and through Deventer

All walking routes pass by the hotel so there is no need to look for an overnight spot when you visit us. Well-known routes are:

IJsselvallei route

Lots of cycling and hiking information via VVV Deventer

Cycling routes

And also the cycling routes pass by the river IJssel and thus by our hotel. We have an enclosed and covered garage so your bikes can be parked there for free.

Landgoedroute (30 km) 
IJsselvalleiroute (35 km) 
Kikkerroute (57 km) 
Lebuinusroute (27 km) 
Heks van Lettele (27 km) 

De Scheg

Deventer’s sports company.

At the Scheg, you can swim, skate, play, relax and much more. Really great fun for children.

Located in the Colmschate district, De Scheg is also accessible by train.

For more information on any of the above activities, please visit the website

Deventer’s history and the other Hanseatic cities

Deventer is an old Hanseatic city and was immediately the most important Hanseatic city for the Netherlands. It competed with Bruges and Lübeck and did very well then. Deventer’s heyday was the years of the early Middle Ages around 1400. It was then one of the most important cities in the Netherlands and perhaps Europe. The city was famous for its 6 annual markets that lasted 2 weeks per market. All of Europe came to trade in Deventer. The Good Friday market is still a remnant of this.

Until the sea ports took away a lot of trade and Deventer had to make do with the IJssel, which was also silting up. Trade was taken over by the Dutch cities and Deventer was left with a beautiful city but not much trade. The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century changed this again. Bicycles, lighthouses, tin cans, beds and everything else to do with metal were then made here. Iron ore (primal) was mined near Deventer. Deventer’s longest road is still called the Oerdijk.

Ardagh, Auping, Nefit (Robert Bosch – Buderus), Roto Smeets

Hence, Deventer is also called an industrial city with many metal companies (Auping, Ardagh and Nefit) and the printing industry is also well represented here (Roto Smeets) because of the printing press that made its early appearance here. Further information on the Hanseatic cities can be found at

Havenkwartier Deventer

The Havenkwartier is a characterful area combining industrial heritage, creative entrepreneurs, can and culture, hospitality, building and living with the inner harbour. Besides residents (including entrepreneurs and organisations), many types of events for the public take place here.

Out in Apeldoorn

Paleis het Loo

The expensively decorated rooms give a picture of three centuries of habitation by the House of Orange, while the reconstructed gardens with their waterworks and ornately lined flowerbeds exude the atmosphere of the 17th century. Due to its beautiful location in one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Netherlands, a visit to the palace has its charm in every season.

Apenheul Apeldoorn

The principle was simple: people derive more pleasure from animals if the animals are comfortable and at ease. So no monkeys in cages and no bars. But large, green and natural outdoor enclosures in wooded surroundings.

Juliana Pretpark in Apeldoorn

For over 100 years, the Netherlands’ best family amusement park for the whole family. With more than 60 awesome attractions, children will never run out of fun here.

Kröller – Müller Museum Otterlo (Van Gogh)

The Kröller-Müller Museum: unique in every season The Kröller-Müller Museum holds a world-renowned collection of mainly 19th and 20th century visual art. Central to this are the extensive collection of works by Vincent van Gogh.


What does Holterberg have to offer you?

  • Large nature reserve (Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park)
  • Natuurdiorama Holterberg. Nature museum with many European animals
  • 5 restaurants
  • Canadian War Cemetry – in the middle of a forest with beautiful garden.
  • Miniature golf course with fantasy golf
  • NP information point

Teuge Airport

Teuge airport offers is used for all kinds of aviation. Lesson traffic for the next generation of professional pilots forms the basis of the traffic. Besides business taxi and charter traffic, all kinds of flights are carried out for the government (police, environmental inspection, animal counts, etc). In addition, sightseeing flights and flights by private pilots add colour. Parachutists and glider pilots complete the scene. Every year, the airport attracts around 170,000 to 200,000 viewers.